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Space Exploration

Humans are explorers.  We have seen this throughout recorded history, and in the 20th Century we saw exploration reach a fantastic level when we sent astronauts to the Moon with the Apollo program.  We experienced a national spirit of exploration and teamwork.  We then moved on to the Space Shuttle, which first launched on 12 April 1981 and had its last landing on 21 July 2011.  Since then we have continued our space exploration missions, but we have generally backed off on our efforts and what we accomplish largely flies under the public radar.

I propose a renewal and revision of our national space exploration programs.  There are several private ventures aiming for space, and this is wonderful.  What has happened, however, to our national spirit of exploration that we saw in earlier years?  How could President John F. Kennedy on 25 May 1961 announce the intention to safely send men to the Moon and for us to accomplish that by landing men there eight years later on 20 July 1969, yet almost another fifty years later with all our modern technology we're still fumbling with no clear manned missions beyond earth orbit?

In 2014 an article on the NASA web site read, "NASA is developing the capabilities needed to send humans to an asteroid by 2025 and Mars in the 2030s ..."  We talk about sending people to Mars years down the road, but this should have been done twenty or more years ago.  Our community has a lot of talent—engineers, physicists, scientists, and support personnel—who can help with new missions.  Let's develop these opportunities.

Space exploration benefits all.  Beyond the new and exciting job opportunities and the knowledge to be gained from off-world, we will all benefit from the advances in materials and technology that can be used here on the ground in our everyday lives.


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