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Miscellaneous Topics

Percentages and Representation

This is in response to two things.  First, in the debate held at the Seattle Public Library there was a comment about representing "the 99%."  Second, a question in the League of Women Voters forum in Shoreline asked about representation.

I'm counted among the 99%, as it is put, but I am here for the 100%.  That means I'm here for everyone—up, down, right, left, people, businesses, the local jurisdictions, et cetera.  Voted for me?  Thank you.  Did not vote for me?  I'm still here for you.  Didn't want to vote?  I'm here for you anyway.  Could not vote because of a felony conviction?  You still need representation and I'm here for you.  That is what being a U.S. Representative is.  It is providing everyone in the district, without discrimination, a voice in the federal government.  It's impossible to do everything for everyone, but I am interested in hearing the full range without discrimination and leading us on the best, most productive course possible.


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